Metabolic Nutrition for Health & Weight Loss

What is metabolic nutrition?

Metabolic nutrition is a style of eating that supports your metabolic health.

Our metabolism controls almost every function that happens within our body including our:

  • Digestion and assimilation of nutrients

  • Hormone production, activation and utilisation

  • Fertility, mensural cycle and our ability to transition into menopause smoothly

  • Mood

  • Energy levels

  • Sleep quality

  • Blood sugar balance

  • Bowel habits

  • Body temperature and pulse rate

  • Skin, hair and nail health

  • Ability to build muscle

  • Ability to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

And so much more.

When our metabolism is working well we feel our best and our metabolisms ability to function well is very heavily influenced by stress and thyroid function.

What Metabolic Nutrition is NOT

Metabolic nutrition is not another restrictive diet, it is not a fad and it is not quick fix.

Metabolic nutrition will support you in gaining freedom from restrictive dieting and yo-yo dieting.

Rather than forcing weight loss through restriction and punishment, metabolic nutrition will teach you how to release weight by nourishing your body with the right food for you.

Typical weight loss diets tend to force the body to release weight by significantly reducing calorie intake or by eliminating major food groups.

This increases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline which can temporarily cause the body to release weight. Unfortunately, as this occurs, metabolic rate reduces and eventually whether it be weeks or months or years later, we tend to gain all the weight back, plus some.

Most people are unaware of the negative effects of dieting, but some of the common effects of dieting (restriction) include:

  • Slowing the rate in which your metabolism burns calories

  • Triggering you to crave high fat and hyper palatable foods (fried food, junk food, sugary and processed food)

  • Reducing energy production (so even as you eat less, you burn less and have to continually eat less and less)

  • Lowering body temperature (so your burn less energy)

  • Reducing your ability to feel “hungry” and “satisfied” which creates long term confusion and mistrust between yourself and your appetite

  • Reducing of muscle mass (which reduces caloric usage)

  • Increasing fat storage enzymes and decreasing enzymes that support weight release

  • Triggering or contributing to depressed, anxious mood

  • Lowering self esteem and self confidence

In addition to these being negative effects of dieting and restriction, these are also some of the underlying factors that can lead to a weight loss plateau and frustration with dieting.

The side effects of dieting are so severe that one could even argue that the negative effects of restrictive yo-yo dieting actually outweighs the perceived negative effects of carrying around a few extra kilos.

In order to take back control of our health, we must move away from instant gratification when it comes to weight loss because this is what is keeping us trapped in the cycle of losing and gaining.

When we lose weight quickly and unsustainably, we inevitably gain it back and as we do we feel frustrated, disappointed and defeated.

When we eventually reach our threshold again we decide to do another diet, but now the weight is harder to release so we promise ourselves that we will NOT gain the weight back this time.

Unfortunately we tend to make the same mistakes and engage in a diet that is unsustainable and restrictive which means history ends up repeating itself and we gain the weight back.

Metabolic nutrition is different from weight loss dieting. It is a way of living that supports our metabolism to function at its best.

When our metabolism is working well we feel:

  • Energised, optimistic and calm

  • Our body feels warm - not hot, not flushed or over heating, just comfortably warm

  • We have a healthy appetite with no unreasonable cravings for junk food and no desire to binge eat

  • Our hair stops falling out and starts to become shiny and strong

  • Our skin health improves, rashes, acne and fungal skin problems begin to heal

  • Our digestion improves

  • Our bowels become regular

  • Our energy and motivation increases


  • We find it easy and natural to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Metabolic nutrition will begin to heal your body from the damage done after years of stress and yo-yo dieting.

It will teach you how to listen to the signals that your body is sending you and it will help you to understand what they mean.

Metabolic nutrition will teach you how to nourish your body without fear of eating, without fear of food and without fear of gaining weight and best of all, metabolic nutrition will empower you to take control of your health.

The basic principles of pro-metabolic nutrition include:

  • Nourishing your body with adequate calories and nutrients

  • Enjoying bio-available, easy to digest food

  • Managing and reducing stress (mental, emotional and physical stress)

  • Supporting hormone health

  • Healing the gut

  • Learning to exercise in a way that works for you

  • Ensuring you achieve high quality sleep

  • Supporting healthy weight release through nourishment and nutrition

To learn more about how metabolic nutrition can support you in achieving your health and weight loss goals, reach out using the contact page to schedule a time for a chat.

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