Metabolic Essentials

Your step by step guide to healing your metabolism and reclaiming your health.


Do you remember those days where you could almost eat anything you wanted, you had plenty of energy and motivation to exercise, you felt resilient and it was easy to maintain a healthy weight.


And now you’re left wondering, what happened?


Or perhaps you have always struggled with your weight and it frustrates you when you see others eating whatever they want without consequence.


If you have tried keto, low calorie diets, intermittent fasting and every other weight loss plan that promises you magical weight loss yet nothing seems to work, then keep reading.


Pro-Metabolic nutrition is different to everything else you have tried.


Let’s start with what it is not..


First and foremost, pro-metabolic nutrition it is NOT a weight loss plan however the principles will support you in achieving your goal weight.


- It is NOT a diet

- It is NOT a way to lose weight fast

- It is NOT a temporary solution

- Unlike dieting, it is NOT damaging to your health

- It is NOT a restrictive set of rules



What is it then?


Pro-metabolic nutrition is a lifestyle that supports the health of your metabolism. A healthy metabolism leads to a healthy body, a healthy body finds it easy to release excess weight.


It focusses on nourishing your body so it feels safe to release weight slowly, naturally and most importantly, PERMANENTLY (no more dangerous yo-yoing)


Pro-metabolic nutrition will help you to heal the damage done from years of stress and dieting


It will provide you with a set of guidelines for you to explore so you can ultimately find what works for you. There is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to health and weight loss.


A holistic approach is essential for success.


This course will teach you how to listen to the symptoms of your body so you can understand what they are telling you. Every symptom is simply a message, it is the way that our body communicates with us, it is our bodies way of telling us what it needs. 


Thanks to our busy lives, we are often too overworked to spend time listening to our body. It is far easier to just take a pill to mask the message. Unfortunately, over time, the body will continue to turn up the volume of the message, one pill turns into 2 or 3 an eventually we find ourselves struggling with multiple health issues.


If you have completed the Healthy Metabolism Checklist and you’re resonating with the symptoms, it is time to make a change now.


It’s time to get your energy back, to get your vitality back and to start thriving again.


Throughout the course you will learn how to


- Eat in a way that supports metabolic health, blood sugar balance and energy levels

- Measure how well your body is responding to exercise and the food you eat

- Decipher between metabolically supportive foods and metabolically suppressive foods

- How to identify underlying factors that could be contributing to poor health

- How to eat in a way that supports steady and sustainable weight release

Metabolic Essentials

Module 1

An Introduction to
Pro-Metabolic Nutrition

Module 2

How to Identify & Heal a Sluggish Metabolism

Module 3

Essential Metabolic
Self Testing

Module 4

Pro-Metabolic Diet & Nutrition Principles

Module 5

3 Pillars of
Digestive Health & Gut Healing

Module 6

Resources to Support Success